2 Activist Pavel Krisevich stages performance in support political prisoners near the Federal Security

Half-naked activist ‘posing as Christ’ enacts his own crucifixion outside security building in Russia

2 Activist Pavel Krisevich stages performance in support political prisoners near the Federal Security

A half-naked protester has been detained outside a Russian security service building after “posing as Christ” and enacting his own crucifixion.

The activist was detained after a dramatic incident outside the headquarters of the FSB, which is largely in charge of Russia’s internal security.

Pavel Krisevich, 20, stood in a “loincloth and sneakers” outside the building when a fire began under a massive cross, resembling a crucifixion.

According to sources, the activist was also seen burning quantities of legal cases against suspected political prisoners in Russia during the incident that took place in Lubyanka Square.

“Pavel was detained near the FSB building in Lubyanka while posing as Christ,” said Sergei Telnov, the prosecutor.

“I also do not know which police station he was taken to.”

A young man wearing a bloody loincloth and sneakers started a fire, climbed a stool behind it and tied a broad cross to his hands to execute crucifixion, “a law enforcement source said.”

“A man has been arrested.”

The protester – unhurt in the stunt – is known in Russia and neighboring Belarus for stunts in favor of ‘political prisoners’.

Subsequent reports suggested that he was being detained at the local police station of Kitai Gorod and is expected to spend up to 30 days in jail for the demonstration.

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The headquarters of the FSB counterintelligence service of Vladimir Putin are in the building of a former Tsarist-erainsurance firm long affiliated with the oppressive KGB in the Soviet period.

The scenes come amid questions about the health of President Vladimir Putin.

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The Kremlin, however, has denied reports that Mr Putin, 68, may have Parkinson’s disease and will soon abandon his position.

Russian authorities have denied reports that Mr Putin has Parkinson’s as “total nonsense” and told the president’s media “all is perfect.”

Dimtry Peskov, the Kremlin spokesman, said the report collected by the UK tabloids was fake.

He said, “It is total absurdity.”

“With the president, everything is perfect.”

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