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HBO Max is finally available on your PS5 Console

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According to The Verge, Sony revealed on Wednesday that its next-gen console is finally ready for HBO Max.

If you managed to get a PS5 and were planning to use it as an entertainment platform for movies in addition to games, support for the app, revealed in a tweet from the official PlayStation account, should be fantastic news as HBO Max was the last big streaming service missing from the console.

This update probably won’t mean anything to you if you’re already on the PS4, as that computer has had the software for a while now.

But it does mean any PlayStation fans should now be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984, which will be available on HBO’s new streaming service in 4K HDR for PS5 owners with supported TVs and other Warner Bros. movies coming out next year. (Since the consoles were released, Xbox Series X / S owners have had access to the app.)

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