Headless snake attempts to attack dog walker on a deserted beach


The frightening moment of a headless snake attempting to lunge at him after being pushed by a tennis racket was captured by a dog walker.

The unknown man, while walking on an empty beach in Australia, came across the mutilated reptile.

Not expecting it to be alive, he decided, with his racket, to poke at it.

But the snake tried to launch an attack, as the horrific video reveals.

It sways side-to-side as soon as it is touched, in an attempt to locate the man.

It appears to lunge out at one point but is nowhere near where the cameraman is standing.

The snake also appears to hiss somehow as it slithers about.

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User JakoNoble, who said he came across the sight while walking his dog, shared the nightmarish video with Reddit.

He indicated that a bird may have struck it before being dropped on the beach.

The user-added, “I assume it was a bird that did it.” They’re going to come up for air sometimes and be on the surface for a while. The area also has a few birds of prey.

It may have happened after someone cruelly hit it with a shovel, one viewer believed.

And the uploader acknowledged that if that were the case, he would be “surprised,” but added: “I think the only saving grace is that a small piece was also removed from its side, as if something had eaten a bit.”

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