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Heist: CCTV shows a gang stealing eight £ 40k hot tubs using a forklift

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In a brazen heist that was caught on CCTV, a group made off with eight hot tubs worth £40,000.

The crooks spent 90 minutes at the Swim Spas Yard in Macmerry, East Lothian, filling two trucks full of hot tubs with a forklift taken from a house next door.

The Daily Record states that each thief even chatted casually with a driver who arrived at the industrial estate to avoid arousing suspicion.

After a witness spotted them altering license plates on the cars, investigators may have found a crucial lead in the search for the gang.

Hot tub manager Kevin Higginson, 50, said that in the footage the men had “surgical masks and hoodies” on but seemed to be “very professional.”

Mr. Higginson said: “You see two vehicles coming in at about 8.30 pm on CCTV and three men coming out.”

“By pushing my industrial buckets and some pallets down, they cleared a path first. Our internal building is alarmed, but outside, enclosed by a three-meter high fence, the hot tubs were.

“They realized fairly quickly that there was a forklift parked at the builders next to us and burst the padlock to that yard.”

Before breaking the padlock on the hot tub doors, he said one man then took a forklift.

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The gang then placed the forklift and loaded one of the spas with the vehicles before moving on to the next one.

“cased the joint and planned to lift the hot tubs with the crane”cased the joint and planned to lift the hot tubs with the crane, made it easier and quicker.”

It only took the men twenty minutes to set up before they began charging, which CCTV seemed to display quite accurately, according to Mr. Higginson.

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going on said Mr. Higginson, spotting the surrounding cars where they had stood.

“We think they stopped changing to different plates and our neighbor made a note of them,” Kevin said.

“I presume they got lost and went in a bit of a circle.”

Eight of his best-selling Harris hot tubs were stolen in the raid, with hundreds of jets, LED lighting, and a Bluetooth music system, each retailing for just under £ 5,000.

A Police Scotland spokesman said Around 1.30 am on Saturday, police were summoned from premises in Macmerry Industrial Estate, Macmerry, overnight, following a report of a theft of hot tubs – worth a five-figure sum.”

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