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Here Are The Top Strongest Angels In Dragon Ball

dragon ball angel

Power scaling in Dragon Ball is a bit of a pain to find out, and Dragon Ball Super makes it much more complicated.

With new forms being developed on a regular basis and new opponents continually appearing on the horizon to test the strength of said new forms, it appears that the only constant in Dragon Ball is that no one can remain the strongest for very long.

Despite these frequent changes in the power balance, there has always been one set of forces that stands above the rest; those whose status as Dragon Ball’s most powerful beings has never been questioned: the Angels.

The Angels are always greater than those they serve, such as the Gods of Destruction, despite the fact that they are all serving a higher power.

However, this poses an intriguing query. Which of these Angels is the best, given that they are unquestionably stronger than almost anyone they encounter?

Grand Minister Clearly Stands Above The Rest

Grand Minister

Naturally, it’s easy to assume the Grand Minister is the greatest Angel and be done with it. He is, after all, the father of all Angels and works for the Multiverse’s King. If he were a contestant in this imaginary Angel Battle Royale, there’s no question he’d clean the floor with everyone else without hesitation.

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We’ll put the Grand Minister aside for now and concentrate on the 12 Angels who represent the Gods of Destruction, because he’s on such a high pedestal that he’s technically not really on the same playing field as the others.

Gods Of Destruction Power Levels

Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction 1

Gods of Destruction don’t normally fight, but at Zeno’s order, all 12 Gods of Destruction engaged in a battle royale in an early chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

While it was disrupted by Zeno’s request for Goku to participate to make it more interesting, it still served as an indication of the gods’ power: Beerus showed the Ultra Instinct technique.

Rumsshi, the God of Universe 10, let out a roar that rendered the other gods speechless, with Whis also noting that Rumsshi is credited for having the multiverse’s most powerful lungs.

Belmod, God of Universe 11, also created Imprisonment Balls to keep the other gods confined while he planned his next assault.

With all of the gods’ unbelievably powerful tactics on display, it’s easy to imagine how powerful the Angels would be to be able to stand above such powerful beings. The Zeno Expo between the gods, however, isn’t the only way to decide an Angel’s power.

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Dragon Ball Universes Are Ranked Using ‘Mortal Levels’

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Universe 7 Cropped

In Dragon Ball Super, universes are rated by their “Mortal Level,” which rates the average strength and creation of mortals in each Universe, among other items.

A higher Mortal Level means that the Gods of Destruction and their Angel consorts are adequately fostering the creation of their world.

Surprisingly, Universe 7, where Dragon Ball is primarily set, is one of the weakest of all the Universes. It is currently ranked 11th strongest Universe out of the 12 that exist, thanks to its Mortal Level of 3.18.

This would appear to put Beerus, and by extension Whis, at the bottom of the Gods and Angels’ power rankings.

However, Universe 7’s low Mortal Level is mostly attributable to Beerus’s inability to take his God of Destruction duties seriously, and as a result, he fails to cultivate his Universe’s creation as he should.

Universe 1 Has The Most Powerful Angel

Universe 1 Symbol dragon ball super

Universe 1 is the most dominant Universe in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

The Universe is so powerful that it was removed from the Tournament of Influence and has never been in danger of being erased, despite the fact that its Mortal Level has never been revealed.

Awamo is the Angel of this world, with a power level so strong that he is claimed to be able to feel “everything.”

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With that kind of strength, and the fact that he watches over what is actually considered to be Dragon Ball’s strongest Universe, it’s safe to assume that Awamo is one of, if not the most powerful Angel of them all.

According to this argument, Whis and Vados, Angels of Universes 7 and 6, would be on the lower end of the continuum, while Mohito, Angel of Universe 9, would be the weakest of them all.

Also the smallest Angel, though, is an amazing force to be reckoned with.

Nobody wants to face off against any Angel who is serious about fighting, regardless of which Angel turns out to be the “strongest” of them all. There isn’t a transition that can get a mere human up to their stage — at least not yet.

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