1 KNM DIRTY DANCING LIFT FAIL 4 e1610548496685

Heres a Scary moment dancer nearly got killed after Dirty Dancing lift sees her neck snaps backwards

1 KNM DIRTY DANCING LIFT FAIL 4 e1610548496685

After her drunken attempt at the iconic Dirty Dancing lift went terribly wrong, this is the terrifying moment when a professional dancer was almost killed.

When the tragedy happened, Millie Slennett and sister Rosie had been trying to compete to see who could pull off the move better with their partners.

Like the scene played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the 1987 classic, the video shows Millie, 25, being hoisted up on boyfriend Conner Justin’s shoulders.

Millie, from Perth, Australia, tries to hold her equilibrium at first, but then begins tipping over and falls behind Conner.


Next, she reaches the face of the ground and her head snaps back so far that it seems to touch her back.

Behind the camera, Rosie ceases filming immediately and runs to support her sister.

But Millie, amazingly, managed to stand up.

Doctors watched the video of the incident after being taken to the hospital in an ambulance and were shocked that the part-time dance teacher was still able to walk.

Millie said, “I rolled to my side and checked that I was able to move my fingers and my toes, because I knew I had landed badly and it hurt a lot.” My whole family was running around me, and my mum was holding my head.

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It felt like all the ribs on my left side were broken. It hurt too much to breathe, but I managed to stand up. I thought it was funny because I end up laughing when I’m in a lot of pain.

“I know that I am so blessed. That would have been so much worse. I could have snapped my neck or had my spine hurt. I might have died there.

The next day, Millie was still in pain and was called back to the hospital for a CT scan, verifying that she had spared any significant injury other than swelling.


But the painful scenes are imprinted on the mind of her dad.

My dad woke up having dreams about it ending worse a night or so later. He’s pretty traumatized by it and keeps saying that he wants to erase the video from his phone.

“You hear about these freak accidents and people never recover, so after I posted the video it sort of hit me how lucky I was.”

Unsurprisingly, the dance teacher cautioned against trying the dangerous step, particularly “after a couple of drinks.”

She suggests doing it in a swimming pool instead.

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