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Here’s what you should Know about Netflix’s Kuroko no Basket

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This month, a classic sports anime series will hit Netflix.

Kuroko no Basket arrives on the streaming site on January 15, also known as Kuroko’s Basketball, and you should certainly eventually add it to your watch list.

Let’s take a look at what you’d like to know before you launch your basketball binge-watch, whether you’ve never seen or heard of Kuroko’s Basketball before, or you’re an established fan who needs a refresher on the display.

Kuroko’s Basketball: Origin & Synopsis

Crunchyroll Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko’s Basketball was composed by Tadatoshi Fujimaki and illustrated.

The series was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2008-14 and was transformed by Production I.G from 2012-15 into a 75-episode anime series.

It was approved by Crunchyroll earlier, and now by Netflix. There are two anime films alongside the anime series, Kuroko’s Basketball: Compilation of the Winter Cup (2016) and Kuroko’s Basketball The Movie: Last Game (2017).

A sequel to the series called Kuroko’s Basketball: Extra Game was also developed by Tadatoshi Fujimaki (2014-16).

An epic tale of five basketball players known as the “Generation of Miracles,” who conquered every other team, opens the series.

The five basketball stars went to various high schools that had top basketball teams after graduating from middle school.

But even though only five-star players in the Generation of Miracles were known to people, there was a sixth-star team member—a quiet teenager named Tetsuya Kuroko.

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Kuroko, now a high school student, attends Seirin High School, which has a basketball team that is little recognized.

Kuroko’s Basketball’s All-Star Players

kuroko no basket anime

Kuroko, Taiga Kagami, and the other basketball members of Seirin High plan to make their school the number one team in Japan while still taking on the players of the Age of Miracles in the process.

Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami, first-year Seirin High students, are the two main protagonists of Kuroko’s basketball.

On the Generation of Miracles squad, Tetsuya Kuroko is the “sixth man” and is known for his exceptional passing abilities and misdirection skills.

Instead of standing out, he is quiet and blends into the crowd, which he uses as an advantage when on the court. A talented basketball player, Taiga Kagami plays the power forward position at Seirin.

He’s known for his ability to hop and can easily balance his great offensive and defensive abilities with the Generation of Miracles stars.

As for the supporting cast, there are a few other Seirin High basketball players you can take note of.

The team captain and’ clutch shooter’ is Junpei Hyuga, and the center position is played by Teppei Kiyoshi. He is the team’s heart and soul.

After sustaining a potentially career-ending knee injury, in the hope of playing basketball again with his team, he opted to rehab his knee.

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All the members of the Miracles Generation are the last group of main characters. They are the individuals against whom Seirin High must fight to win it all.

Ryota Kise, Shintaro Midorima, Daiki Aomine, Atsushi Murasakibara and Seijuro Akashi are part of the squad.

High basketball IQs and “superhuman” basketball skills are available to all these teams, making them almost difficult to beat on the court.

Why You Should Watch Kuroko’s Basketball

kuroko no basket manga ends

If you haven’t seen Kuroko Basketball, you’re certainly in for an entertaining sports series full of action.

In conveying suspenseful in-game moments, the manga and anime did an outstanding job; characters are drawn with intense facial expressions as they want to win desperately, and as viewers, we can’t help but cheer them on as if we are all part of the crowd.

However, it should be acknowledged that this series has attracted some criticism for its unrealistic basketball depiction.

It is true that the players of the Age of Miracles have some godly basketball abilities, but one might argue that these abilities are not as far-fetched as they sound as we see some insane ball-handling abilities from real NBA players.

Shintaro Midorima, a shooting guard who can shoot three on the court anywhere, is similar to Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, if we were to make parallels.

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Another thing Kuroko Basketball has to do with it is that Tetsuya Kuroko is not like most protagonists in shonen sports anime.

Kuroko likes to be in the background rather than being the All-Star player on the team, helping his teammates become better players.

He has this remarkable ability to misdirect, which means that rivals can not hold their eyes on him to protect him, as he still moves with or without the ball. With his teammate, Kagami, on and off the field, he also has a brotherly relationship.

This series also has some fantastic, classic rivalries, aside from Kuroko and Kagami’s friendship.

In every episode, we see members of the basketball team of Seirin High trying to strengthen their game to take on the Generation of Miracles, who are gradually added as the team progresses.

So, you can check out or rewatch Kuroko’s Basketball while you’re waiting for the next Slam Dunk film to arrive. You can never have too much basketball in your life, after all.

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