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Heroic parrot by squawking like a smoke alarm, saves owner ‘s life from house fire

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During a house fire, a heroic parrot saved it’s owner’s life by waking him up.

“The bird called Eric alerted Anton Nguyen to the danger by squawking repeatedly,” Anton! Huh! Anton! ”.

The owner smelled smoke and saw the fire, and he caught his feathered friend so quickly that he fled from the Kangaroo Point building in Brisbane, Australia.

Anton thanked his pet gratefully for raising the alarm and saving him on Tuesday night from the blaze.

“At the Today Show, he said,” Eric, my parrot, he started screaming, so I woke up and smelled a bit of smoke.

I grabbed Eric, opened the door, looked at the back of the house, and there were some flames.

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“And then I picked up my bag and pulled it off and bolted downstairs.”

He added: “I am in shock, but I am all right.”

“As long as I have myself and the bird, everything’s all right.”

While the home had smoke alarms, before they went off, Eric managed to lift the alarm, reports news.com.au.

Just after 3 am, firefighters arrived at the scene but noticed that Anton had already managed to get outside.

By 3.30 am local time, they managed to get the blaze under control.

A Queensland Fire spokeswoman said that after 4.30 am, fire crews left the scene.

After the fire tore through the roof, the property was devastated by the raging inferno.

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Queensland Fire and Rescue Services Acting Inspector Cam Thomas said the house had been “very well eaten up.”

A Queensland Ambulance spokesman said paramedics were treating Anton at the scene.

But he did not require treatment at the hospital.

An inquiry into what caused the fire has been initiated.

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