Hitman developers, are reportedly working on a new James Bond game


IO Interactive, the developer behind the Hitman series, today revealed that it is working on a James Bond video game. Today, the news came with a brief preview for “Project 007,” a new game coming to “near you, a console and computer screen.”

For the stealth series Hitman and third-person shooter Kane and Lynch games, the Danish studio is well known, perhaps the two genres that will best encompass any James Bond plot.

IO is partnering with MGM, Eon Productions, and Delphi to create a completely original Bond story exclusively as a video game.” The game for “modern systems and platforms” is currently in active development.

IO CEO Hakan Abrak called it the most ambitious game in our studio’s history” in a prepared speech.

In 2018, IO published its last game, Hitman 2. In 2021, Hitman 3 is expected.

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