0 Horrified woman bites into pizza to find 12 wriggling maggots

Horrified girl screams after finding 12 wriggling maggots in her half-eaten pizza

0 Horrified woman bites into pizza to find 12 wriggling maggots

A girl was sickened after finding a dozen maggots wriggling in her mini-pizza halfway through eating it.

Her mum shared a video of the gruesome find after buying her the popular snack at a Baker’s Delight in Australia.

The photos showed at least 12 maggots hiding between the ham and pizza bread last Thursday.

Her mother, who bought the BBQ pizza roll bought at the Neutral Bay branch in Sydney, told Seven News: “The food was moving.

“It was just vile.

“There was a party going on in there.”

She added: “My daughter had asked me to buy her a BBQ Pizza from Bakers Delight.

“When she came home from school, she immediately started eating it.

“She was talking away to me and looked down and just screamed.

“Then she said ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be sick.’

“When I asked her what was wrong, she said ‘My food is moving.’

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the worms, it was just disgusting.

0 Horrified woman bites into pizza to find 12 wriggling maggots 1 1

“Baker’s Delight is very popular with kids and parents.

“This is a public health safety concern and one that I feel should be shared publicly to raise awareness.

“For this to happen is just poor.”

A spokesman for the bakery chain said: ““The Baker’s Delight Support Office has been in regular contact with the customer since this matter was reported 24 hours ago and a thorough investigation is already well underway.

“This type of incident is uncommon for our business and we are therefore treating this with urgency.

“Although we are yet to determine how this may have occurred, the bakery was closed today for a deep clean as a precaution.

“Our bakeries are fully committed to food safety and are required to implement and maintain the Bakers Delight Food Safety and Pest Control Programs.

“As part of these programs, bakeries are assessed by licensed pest technicians every month to ensure issues are identified and actions are implemented early in order to minimise pest activity as much as possible.

“We are awaiting the outcome of our investigation and welcome the opportunity to speak further with the local health authority.”

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