How to access the Dark Web on chrome without using tor browser


Once a while, each darknet surfer comes along with websites with onion extensions. You can easily open onion links if you are a Tor or I2p user, but what if you don’t have a Tor browser? Without a Tor browser, can we open onion sites? The reply is yes.

Deep web surfing, as it seems, is not always damaging and challenging. Deep websites like onion pages with chrome can also be browsed. But there are some things you’ve got to remember.

How do I open onion links on Chrome or any browser other than Tor? When searching the Dark Web, what items should be taken into account? Today we are going to explore those things.

Why people use the Tor browser?

Maintaining privacy and surfing anonymously with equality is the simple response behind this issue, and another explanation is to escape government surveillance and censorship.

The Tor network encrypts and renders the data untraceable between both the client and the owner’s hand. Our request passes through the Tor node, making it very hard to track them back.

It is also very difficult to crack the cryptography carried out which increases its prominence among illegal and criminal groups. This is the reason behind the rising popularity of the deep web, tor browser, and onion pages. So, do you want to know how to open Chrome’s onion links or any other browsers except Tor?

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What are onion extension links?

.Onion is the top-level domain name extension intended to be used for the circulation of top-secret information while protecting both owner and user-end privacy. Onion domain is an onion service that can be accessed through the tor browser.

Eidjeidjfjekewowowogb.onion, for example:

By sending requests via the network, browsers can access links with extensions of .onion. Onion TLD is not really the source of the internet DNS and can only be reached by tor and similar browsers that operate.

Stuff to take into account when opening onion links

Are onion links secure to browse for questions you may have? The response is yes, but it’s not always impossible to track your location.

Are onion ties illegally browsed? No, surfing onion sites or tor sites are not illegal, but every person is right to it. Here are some of the things you can take into consideration when searching onion links.

Before you browse the onion links, you can first connect to the VPN.

  • It’s not a good idea to actually use tor2web to open onion links except for tor from other browsers. You can use Tor, except for an emergency.
  • Don’t download scripts or files that are unknown.
  • Try to stop engaging with individuals you don’t know.
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Without a Tor browser, how do I open onion links?

To open onion links, it is often easier to use the tor browser, but if you want to open onion links from other browsers than tor, you can try our methods.

Method 1: How can onion links be opened on chrome?

You can use Chrome extensions to open chrome links with .onion. Here’s how it can be achieved.

To open onion links on chrome, you first need to install a chrome extension.

onion search

After you add the chrome extension of the onion search engine, hold your onion search engine before your onion connection and search for it. You can simply visit this LINK as well.


Now by pasting the link into the search bar, you can search for the onion link.

Method 2: Open firefox onion ties

Without any external source, you can also open onion links with Firefox. Here’s how it can be achieved.

With Firefox, you can open onion links. Look for about:config in the search bar first.

After that, the risk is acknowledged and you proceed and then you need to search for an onion from the search bar choice given.

You will then see four choices. All four of the options need to be selected as false. Go back then and enjoy surfing ties with onions.

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Method 3: By modifying connection extensions, open onion links

Except for Tor, you can use tor2web gateway operators to search .onion pages from browsers. We can not say we are browsing anonymously as we are using a third party to open onion links.

You must do this only if you have no other choice and never do this if privacy is associated with the activities. Using this form, you can open onion links from your mobile or iPhone.

Adjust the extension of your links from .onion to .onion.ws. For instance, https:/dijfejjdndheiekfhhf.onion has been modified to https:/dijfejjdndheiekfhhf.onion.ws


Then in your search bar, copy the URL and press enter. Doing this connects you to operators of tor2web that send the onion service request through tor and view the result as an answer for you. Please visit the official site of tor2web and search for extensions.

Finally, I’d like to give you a quick suggestion. If you’re not in a rush because of the end of the planet, you can always use the tor-browser just to open onion links.

Using chrome tor links or other similar browsers helps to preserve government censorship, and it doesn’t really make a difference.

Deep web surfing is not as illegal as the sound of rumors. It depends on how the Deep Web is used. Onion ties are just a portion of the deep web’s wide ocean.

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