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How to use your Smartphone to play PS5 games

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Now that people are having their very own PS5, they have a lot to discover, and the ability to play PS5 games on your smartphone is one feature that has made a welcome return from the last decade.

The feature is, of course, Remote Play, which has been a staple of Sony’s systems since the PS3, which debuted on their PSP and PS Vita with the ability to play console games. Remote Play spread to other smartphones and TVs after the PS4 launched, and finally to Android and iOS devices.

With Remote Play intact, the PS5 has arrived, and you too can use it to stream your next-gen games to your smartphone. Notice that this is a feature, not a service: you’ll still need to stream on your phone a PS5 console running games that you own, which is different from how you can play Xbox Series X games via Game Pass on your mobile device.

That means you have to remain close to your PS5 to use Remote Play, which is intended to pick up and continue playing within the limits of your home Wi-Fi network on your phone or other device.

Remote Play lets it possible if you need to give up your TV or just want to play in another room. Using Remote Play, it is still pretty neat to play next-gen via your phone , tablet, PC, or PS Vita, and here’s how to turn your smartphone into a mobile PS5 station.

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What you need in order to get started

You’ll need a PS5 updated to the latest device software (either the digital or standard model), whatever smartphone you want to play on, and a Wi-Fi network with at least 5Mbps download speeds to which both console and phone are connected. Sorry, it’s fully connected to the Wi-Fi network, no mobile information, so plan to use it at home.

You will need one of those, too, if you want to use a DualSense controller. Sony has not officially stated that it would work with the Remote Play feature of the PS5, but we have been able to use it anecdotally on smartphones. You can use a PS4-era Remote Play DualShock 4 controller, but only to play PS4 games on your PS5.

Although you don’t need a controller to play on your phone, as a digital button interface is provided by the mobile app, it’s no real replacement for a gamepad’s fine power. If you don’t have a PS4 gamepad, with our list of the best PS4 controller deals right now, you can pick up the cheap one, or try your hand at having a PS5 DualSense contract.

You’ll also need a PlayStation Network account-don’t worry, it’s easy, and to set up your PS5 you might need one anyway.

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Your phone needs to be upgraded to at least Android 7.0 or iOS 12.1 to use the Remote Play app. And if you want to connect a PS4 DualShock 4 or PS5 DualSense controller to your computer, make sure that the absolute latest version of Android 11 or iOS 14 for DualSense has been upgraded to the latest version of the OS-at least Android 10 or iOS 13 for the older console’s controller, and to be secure (Sony has not yet released official compatibility info).

Finally, on the phone, you want to use, either Android or iOS, you’ll need to download the required Remote Play app. Update to the latest version, if you already have it, to get PS5-linking functionality.

How to Set Up It

First, start your PS5 (or set it to Rest Mode) and open your smartphone with the Remote Play app. Sign in to the latter’s PlayStation Network account and select which generation of console you’re connecting to-PS5 in this case. If your console is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone, the console should automatically connect.

If your home network has many PS5’s (and how lucky you have to be), it could take some trial-and-error to find out the console code corresponds to the right one. And if you keep losing your console connection, try to reset your Wi-Fi connectivity, or better yet, increase your connection speed by manually hooking up your PS5 via ethernet cable to your router (remember, Sony recommends a download speed of at least 5 Mbps, but you’ll probably find an input lag at that minimum).

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You should be able to monitor the console through your smartphone once it loads up. Be sure to connect it to your phone via Bluetooth first if you intend to use a DualSense controller.

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What will be playable?

Fortunately, Remote Play basically only streams the PS5 to your computer, so there’s no clear limit to what games you can play as long as the new console is going … with a few exceptions.

You will not be able to use Remote Play for games or experiences that require special controllers or the PlayStation Camera, as per the previous limitations of the feature for its version on the PS4. That means no VR, unfortunately.

Otherwise, enjoy playing from the convenience of the next room (or rooms) to your PS5 experience.

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