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In China, Man seen walking two rats down the street with wire through their mouths

0 rats e1607983082251

A strange video has emerged of a man taking two big rats after catching them in his traps for a “walk of shame” on the street.

The incident took place yesterday (13 December) in Zhongshan City, South-East China’s Guangdong Province.

The eye-opening scene was shared by a local resident’s video posted by a man walking two rats with a long string.

It appears that the man placed a wire with a string attached to serve as a lead through the mouth of the rodents.

As the man takes them to the street, one of the rats can be seen sniffing around.

Another one is pulled across the ground and appears very dead.


The guy dressed in a green military jacket and beige trousers looks unfazed as he raises the rats as he walks along the busy street.

“I’ve seen people walking dogs, but I haven’t seen #rats.” the resident wrote to Douyin.

This is not the first time people in China have been caught “shaming” rodents as a punishment for stealing food.

A man tied up a rat who robbed rice in 2017 and beat it to death with a stick.

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After being caught in a house stealing food, another poor creature was burned alive.

The viewers were surprised to see the “walk of shame” but many brought the matter to light, joking that the man kept the rats as his pets.

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“This is truly one unique pet, the rat on the left looks completely exhausted and can’t be bothered to walk anymore”, A user said.

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