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In cruel motel rampage, Woman hurls down German Shepherd off the balcony

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A shocking bodycam video from the police shows a woman hurling her own dog over a first-floor hotel railing and down to the pavement below.

Allison Murphy, 35, was arrested at a hotel in the Florida town of Daytona Beach and charged with animal cruelty and aggressive resistance to an officer.

A woman comes rushing out of a motel room in the film, filmed on December 14, with a German shepherd on a leash while cops stand on either side of the door.

Suddenly, the woman lurches forward and throws the dog over the balcony railings, as a police officer unsuccessfully attempts to avoid her by grabbing her shoulder.

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Allison murphy

He was too late for a second, and the poor mutt plunged into the ground.

Pushed to the floor, the woman is then detained by police officers who cuff their hands behind her back.

Fortunately, the dog survived with minor injuries and was dubbed “Miracle” by Volusia County Animal Services workers where she is being temporarily cared for.

The dog had a sewing needle stuck in her leg, an X-ray showed, but now it has been removed and she’s gone from strength to strength.

This comes after a traumatized stray dog named Eliza ended up looking unrecognizable in a caring foster home after a single day.

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Visibly shaking at first in the warm home setting, the dog settled down and soon curled up to sleep on the sofa.

When she woke up, she was then filmed panting happily, looking like a completely different dog.

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