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Inji, ‘World’s oldest orangutan’ has tragically died at the ripe old age of 61

1 Oregon Zoo

An orangutan, considered to be the oldest in the world, has unfortunately died.

On Saturday, after a struggle against ill-health, Inji, who stayed at the Oregon Zoo in the US, was put to sleep.

Orangutans rarely live beyond the age of 40 in the wild, but Inji managed to make it to the ripe old age of 61.

Zookeepers say that Inji has been slowing down noticeably in recent years.

Zookeepers assert that in recent weeks she had scarcely left her nest box and was no longer interested in food.

On Saturday, they made the tough decision to euthanize her because it was clear that she was no longer helped by pain medicine.

Inji’s exact birth date is uncertain. Around 1960, she was born in the wild, came to the United States through the wild animal trade, which was legal at the time, and her owner brought her to the zoo in 1961.

When she arrived at the zoo on January 30, 1961, she was thought to be about a year old.

“We knew she couldn’t live forever, but this really hurts, and I know many visitors are grieving along with us. “Inji’s ability to connect with people was incredible. She inspired generations.”

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0 Oregon Zoo

Zoo workers were left saddened by her tragic death and a video shared on the social media pages of the Oregon Zoo on Saturday paid tribute to Inji.

Zookeeping employees expect to honor Inji at the opening of the Primate Forest, the new chimpanzee and orangutan habitat of the Oregon Zoo, which is scheduled to open in spring.

The oldest orangutan ever known was named Puan when she died in June 2018 and lived at Perth Zoo in Australia. Puan was sixty-two years old.

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