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Inside ‘cursed’ horror film Antrum: which saw 86 deaths, nervous breakdowns and demons

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There have been a number of horror movies over the decades of film history that have been labeled ‘cursed’ by critics and the makers themselves.

The chilling torment claims that unfolded for the cast and crew after wrapping filming was enough from the likes of The Omen, The Exorcist and Poltergeist to make the hair stand straight on the back of your neck.

Yet one movie appears to be so “cursed” that movie fanatics around the world have been too terrified to play it in their theaters.

The movie is said to contain a “secret” that can only be seen by certain viewers, and “certain to die” are those who witness it.

Antrum is the film.

Antrum was made in England in 1979 and follows the story of a brother and sister wandering through the woods attempting to dig their way to Hell to save their newly euthanized dog’s soul.

It was only screened twice, both of which allegedly contributed to the death of audience members and are said to have allegedly negative, detrimental effects on those watching it.

At the time, producers attempted to apply the film for inclusion in a number of film festivals, but it was not and became one of those films that, luckily, went nowhere but to the back of a shelf due to the existence of the film and many supernatural believers urging it not to be aired.

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That is, however, until a theatre in Budapest wanted to air the film in 1988.

A fire allegedly broke out during the screening, burning the theatre to the ground and killing 56 people in Hungary.

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It was first thought to be the result of a defective projector, but authorities later found that the fire itself was set by audience members.

They then state that a second fatal screening took place in San Francisco in 1993, this time killing 30 audience members when the “house exploded.”

The film was overlooked for years until a year ago, when American horror director Eric Thirteen became aware of the film at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and said he was determined to bring it before a wider audience.

He signed a deal with Uncork’d Entertainment for the frightening story to be shown in cinemas throughout Japan across 2020, where social media has drawn interest.

“Thirteen told Forbes magazine, speaking about why he wanted to air the movie,” Here I was at the festival where this movie was playing.

1 Antrum

Normally, they’re all hyping their projects, it’s really easy to speak to people about what they’re showing, and still, I can’t get anyone to tell me what the hell in this movie they’re all talking about actually happened.

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It was when I had to see it, it was like, ‘Okay, this is now my mission. I have to track down this movie… which doesn’t play anywhere else, which doesn’t have any online records that you can’t find out about.’

And now filmmakers David Amito and Michael Laicini, who believe that the curse is true, are bringing it back to life and re-naming the 1979 film Antrum: Ever Made the Deadliest Film.

A legal notice shows up to warn of the possibility of death right before the movie begins.

“The legal notice reads:” You accept that the makers of this film have made you aware of the past and danger(s) associated with Antrum by continuing to watch this film.

“For any incident that happens to you during or after your screening, including but not limited to sickness , injury, mortal danger or death, the producers, distributors, cast, crew, unions and theatre management at all levels shall be discharged from all liability.”

A alert comes also with the teaser. It tells viewers: “The following preview includes pictures rumored to be ‘haunted’ or ‘cursed’.”

The chilling movie is now available on Amazon Prime as well.

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