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Instagram model arrested for stabbing mom, and hacking out her heart while she was still alive

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On suspicion of murdering her mother by reportedly cutting out her heart and other organs while she’s still alive during a frenzied knife attack, her daughter, an Instagram star was detained.

The suspect, Anna Leikovic, 21, from Moldova, reportedly gouged out her inner organs, including her lungs and intestines, with a kitchen knife.

She then washed the blood away in the bathroom and according to sources, went to meet her boyfriend for a date.

The woman, a medical student, is “suspected of committing a terrible crime,” Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper published in Comrat, citing the police.

Initially, Leikovic stabbed Praskovy Leikovic, 40, at home with her mother, but she remained alive. As she was still alive, the medical student then went on to cut out her heart.

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her mom

‘She stabbed her mother with a knife and then cut out a living woman’s heart,’ reportedly said the police source.

The perpetrator wanted to tear his heart out of a dying woman’s chest. It is difficult to believe, but in the most literal interpretation of the word, she cut out the heart.’

It is alleged that Leikovic then gouged out the other internal organs of her mother, including her lungs and intestines, with a kitchen knife.

The medical student, who on Instagram has 9,400 followers, appeared in court after being arrested the day after the tragic death of her mum.

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Video footage shows her lying down in the dock, washing her nails, bizarrely unbothered, before standing on a bench as the judge entered the room.

Leikovic allegedly laughed and said ‘goodbye’ when asked by a journalist if she had killed and mutilated her mum.

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Anna, the suspect

Police spokeswoman Lyubov Yanak said The detainee is the main suspect.”

She added that no one else was accused of involvement in the gruesome murder and mutilation, but a thorough investigation is required to clarify the motive for the murder”

Praskovya had returned home from her work in Germany, according to media reports. It is known that she was concerned that her daughter was on drugs and so arranged care to assist Leikovic, who was then reportedly angry and abusive.

“Praskovya loved her daughter so much and she spent as much time with her as she could,” her uncle told reporters.

“It took the police two hours to inform me that Anna was the main suspect. I couldn’t imagine that either.’

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