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ISIS ‘conspiracy to plan Christmas terror attacks across Europe’ alerts top MI6 official

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According to an MI6 chief, the Islamic State is “plotting Christmas terror attacks across Britain and Europe,”

The publishing of the infamous cartoon focused on Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) in France is “looking to avenge” Daesh, says the top spy.

In order to terrorize Europeans this winter, Aimen Dean says schemes are being hatched.

Mr Dean spent eight years spying on al-Qaeda until a U.S. intelligence leak blew his cover, reports Mail Online.

Mr Dean, speaking at a security conference in London, cautioned that ISIS commander Abu Omar al-Shishani was preparing to send extremists through Turkey to Europe.

The group’s members would fly from North Africa through the Mediterranean, he said.

He warned that before Christmas, Daesh operatives will carry out attacks through lockdown eases in Britain, Germany, and France.

It comes as earlier last month, after a series of attacks across Europe, Britain’s terror threat level was elevated to ” serious ‘.

Priti Patel confirmed the move, which meant that it was highly likely that an attack could occur in the UK following massacres in France and Austria.

At the International Security Week conference, Mr. Dean said The question is that [Shishani] is trying to avenge the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) cartoons in places like Germany, the UK, France and all-around Christmas time, according to people who know him.

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I’m afraid I don’t have good news, but we need to think about the wave of terror coming this Christmas from northern Syria and Libya.’

He added: “This promise at Christmas of no lockdown has made it a more attractive targeting timeframe.” They’ve been dreaming about it already, they’ve been looking at it already and I feel this is going to be the next goal.

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