ISIS insurgents ‘beheads 50 men on the football pitch in Mozambique before chopping them up’


According to sources, ISIS-linked militants have decapitated more than 50 people and hacked up the bodies of the victims in a gruesome assault in northern Mozambique.

Mass executions were carried out by militants on a football field. They decapitated and cut the bodies of villagers in the province of Cabo Delgado, state media reports said.

In Nanjaba village, scores of women and children were abducted, while more than 50 were killed in a horrific assault on Muatide village, BBC reports.

Bernardino Rafael, commander-general of Mozambique’s police, said during a media briefing on Monday, November 9, according to Al Jazeera, “They burned the houses and then went after the population who had fled to the woods and began their macabre acts.”

According to sources, villagers who tried to escape were taken to a nearby football pitch where they were decapitated and cut to pieces in an atrocity that lasted from Friday night, November 6, to Sunday, November 8.

“Counter-terrorism and organized crime specialist David Otto told the Daily Star:” The jihadist group kidnapped and decapitated state forces and alleged spies to send an alert note.

“The focus of targeted abduction has been women. Sources say the jihadists are holding women as sex slaves.”

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At a male initiation ceremony in the district of Muidumbe last week, alleged militants decapitated at least 20 men and teenagers.

They found the dismembered remains of at least five adults and 15 boys.

Jihadists shot dead and decapitated more than 50 young people in April for reportedly refusing to enter their ranks.

They seized the centre of Mocimboa da Praia in March and set the government buildings on fire.

They launched an assault on a police station in another town and raised the ISIS flag.

Insurgents linked to the Islamic State have also overrun the exclusive islands off the Mozambique coast, where A-list celebrities spend their holidays.

In the terrorist attacks, hotels, animals, and homes were torched and “reduced to ashes.”

Residents have been forced by ISIS rebels to flee the islands of Vamizi and Mecungo, where celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Bono and Prince Albert of Monaco have vacationed in luxury.

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