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IT teacher jailed, after he downloaded nude photos of teenage girls after offering to fix their phones

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A male IT teacher, after promising to help repair their phones, “crushed the bubbly personalities” of students he urged to give him lewd pictures and downloaded their own private images, a court heard.

The teacher promised “a lot of money” to the teenage female pupils if they sent lewd photos, saying he knew people in the world of modeling, WalesOnline reports.

The instructor downloaded hundreds of photographs of other students during his offense in Cardiff over four years, all of whom had taken themselves from their phones or cloud services after promising to restore their computers. Some of the girls at the time were just 14 or 15 years of age.

On Friday, at Newport Crown Court, he was sentenced to six years and three months in prison.

Prosecutor John Ryan, summarizing a number of victim impact statements issued, said: “[His] offending has crushed bubbly personalities, crushed trust, made people trusting others distrustful. It has caused low moods, sadness and tears, and has caused nightmares.”

The victims have been caused to become insular. Due to mistrust and distancing themselves, some feel lonely. They feel embarrassed and will need therapy due to the current pandemic, which is troublesome.

He added that one victim became “paranoid” and “prone to panicking” and that CCTV had to be built at her home as a consequence.

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“[One victim’s] self-harming increased around the court date and her suicidal thoughts increased.” Mr Ryan said.

On the day his trial was scheduled to commence at Cardiff Crown Court, the male teacher had previously pleaded guilty to 19 counts.

The 40-year-old was charged with possession of obscene images and causing or inciting a child to be sexually abused.

The defendant pled guilty to a variety of charges, including three of owning a child’s pornographic images.

He also pleaded guilty to two counts of causing or inciting a child to be sexually assaulted. The specifics of the offences are that by taking and transmitting nude photographs over the internet, he incited two women under the age of 18 to be sexually abused.

He also faced 14 charges, including possession of obscene pictures, of securing unauthorized access to computer material with intent.

All the charges apply to crimes that have taken place over a period of five years.

The court heard that he offered to help repair the phones of pupils or assist them with cloud services and he would download pornographic pictures they had taken themselves once gaining entry.

The court heard the teacher telling some students that he was a professional boxer involved in illegal” fights and that he might “hurt people”

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Mr. Ryan told the court that two pupils were sent to him by the teacher with a number of indecent photographs of themselves and set up fake email addresses that he claimed were linked to websites where they could make money.

In January 2019, following his detention, police uncovered more than 4,000 indecent pictures on his various computers. They contained 93 images from category A and six movies, 72 images from category B and two movies, and 4,431 images from category C and 48 movies.

After one pupil contacted Childline, who then informed South Wales Police, his crime came to light.

“You carefully nurtured an image of yourself. Pupils saw you as good fun and approachable. Some saw you as a friend and liked your informality.”You cultivated an image of yourself carefully. You were seen as good fun and open by the students. Some saw you as a friend and liked your informality.

He added: “You groomed [one of the victims]. You knew she was experiencing personal problems and you suggested that she send you intimate pictures that you could start a website with after gaining her confidence.”

She said no but you lingered. She went so low that she was feeling suicidal. You told this girl that she owed you something for the help you were pretending to give.

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The instructor had a “sexual interest” in young people, Judge Williams said. He said It’s deep-rooted and your implacable arrogance means you don’t feel any need to change.”

“The agony of all those anonymous children in the images you witnessed can only be imagined. The effects on your other targets is more easily identified and is very real.”

Andrew Taylor, defending, said that his client was “ashamed” of his actions and apologized. Mr. Taylor said the offending instructor moved to “highly dangerous territory from which he could not retreat”

“If you are truly burdened by your guilt then you wear it very lightly.”If your guilt still burdens you, you wear it very lightly.

Judge Williams gave him a cumulative term of incarceration of six years and three months, banned him from teaching and working with children for life and made him subject to a lifetime protection order for sexual harm.

To avoid naming the pupils who are given lifetime anonymity as victims of sexual offences, the male teacher has not been identified.

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