Japanese Boy Masters the Art of Makeup to Become A Female Goddess In Cosplay


Makeup in the right hands is an extremely powerful tool, and if you’re wondering just how powerful, this young Japanese man used it to break the gender divide and become a cosplay idol for women.

Looking at the pictures posted by @Makina-Jeanne, Hokkaido’s famous cosplay enthusiast, you could swear that she was a young girl displaying her best assets in skimpy and tight outfits influenced by Japanese manga and anime, but in reality, @Makina-Jeanne is a male who is just fascinated by feminine cosplay.

To make himself look like a girl, he uses makeup tricks, wigs, and silicone breast prosthesis, and he does an excellent job most of the time.

For almost 9 years now, @Makina Jeanne has been doing cosplay, but not even his followers knew how the person really looked under the makeup.

The famous cosplayer posted a picture of himself back when they first started dressing up at the beginning of 2020, on January 2nd, and fans were surprised to see a nerdy-looking boy.


People began to talk about @Makina-Jeanne, with some assuming that he had undergone gender reassignment surgery, but the cosplayer put all speculation to rest, explaining that he had never performed any surgical operations, relying solely on makeup and accessories such as wigs and breast prosthesis of silicone.

The disclosure of @Makina-Jeanne originally made news headlines in Brazil, of all places, but the incredible transformation of the cosplayer has also recently gone viral in his home country, after an interview with the Japanese magazine Oricon.

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Asked how he got into feminine cosplay, the young man said it was the first kind of cosplay that he had ever seen, so he was intrigued by it.

When he saw seniors dressed as female characters for a festival, he was a junior in high school and he found it fascinating. He wanted to pursue it himself, but some of his colleagues, who decided to break ties with him, didn’t sit well with his new hobby.

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Fortunately, he was given courage by his mother to go on and fulfill his dream. “She told him, “If you really want to play as a girl, you’ve got to be the most beautiful girl! That really encouraged him and made him work harder to develop his cosplay skills, and in his pictures, the results are very clear.


@Makina-Jeanne said that his decision to post pictures of himself eight years ago was motivated by his need to show the world how far he has come, as well as his desire to encourage other people who are afraid to pursue their dreams.


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