Kim Jong-un was ‘afraid of girls’ and a school loner, claims former classmate

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Kim Jong-un, the North Korean tyrant, was a loner who was terrified of girls at school, a former schoolmate claims in a new novel.

While growing up in Switzerland, the Express notes, author Anna Fifield admitted that the tubby dictator, 36, was no playboy in training” and “absolutely avoided contact with girls”

She spoke at the private International School of Berne and later at the Schule Liebefeld Steinholzli to those who appeared to have met the supreme leader during his teenage years.

She wrote in The Great Successor: The Hidden Rise and Reign of Kim Jong-un’:’ Kim Jong-un was no party animal or playboy in training at a time when teens typically push boundaries.

“He did not go to school camps, parties, or discotheques, nor did he touch a drop of alcohol.”

The writer added: “A former classmate said, “Kim Jong-un ‘completely avoided contact with girls,’ adding that she never had a substantive conversation with him.


She said He was a loner and had nothing to share in his private life.”

“His test scores were never good, but Kim Jong-un went on to pass the seventh and eighth grades and was in high school for part of the ninth grade, confirmed by the education authorities of Koniz.”

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In a frantic attempt to stop coronavirus transmissions, a South Korean spy agency reported that the dictator had killed at least two people and shut down Pyongyang.

In order to discourage seawater from being contaminated with the virus in bizarre steps unknown anywhere else the hidden state has even forbidden fishing and salt processing at sea.

But Ms. Fifield, explaining his youth, said The education Kim received in Switzerland presented a worldview very different from the one he experienced in North Korea.”

The lessons taught by Kim Jong-un covered civil rights, women’s rights, and democratic progress.

He also named one unit ‘Happiness, Pain, Life, and Death.’

The students heard about Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

“Cultural diversity, religious, ethnic and social groups, the rights of human beings and solidarity with the disadvantaged were strongly emphasized.”

She added: “During these lessons, it is difficult to know what Kim Jong-un thought. There were no such rights in North Korea.”

But this could not have been as jarring as it sounds to Kim because he had met relatively few North Koreans and virtually none in conditions outside of those carefully choreographed to illustrate smiling people beaming contentment at him.

Kim should have convinced himself that all those fine ideals were not needed by his people because they were clearly very comfortable under the leadership of his father.

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“Anyway, Kim Jong-un didn’t stay much longer at school.”

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