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Kojima’s infamous ‘P.T.’ demo no longer playable on the PS5

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Add Kojima’s Hideo P.T. You can’t enjoy the catalog of PlayStation 4 games on Sony’s next-generation console. In the event that you need a refresher, P.T. Kojima Producers was a demo released in 2014 to create enthusiasm for its then-upcoming reboot of Silent Hills. When Konami scrapped the project, P.T. was eliminated. From the Shop on PlayStation. The company has found it almost impossible for individuals who at any stage had the game on their console to download it again.

There was some hope that it would live on if Sony didn’t mention the title as one of the dozen PS4 games you can’t play on the PS5, but that wasn’t to be the case. According to Polygon, P.T. can not be moved either. To a PS5 or play it via backward compatibility on the console.


But what also makes that situation odd is that it was playable at one point on the PS5. When he first received his PS5 review machine, Polygon’s Michael McWhertor says, he could both move the game and play it on the console.

At some point in the last couple of days, however, the situation shifted. McWhertor says it’s not possible to play P.T. Not anymore on the PS5. After his PS5 rested in the factory, he discovered that he could no longer pass the game. “A Sony spokesperson told Polygon that the improvement in PS5 backward compatibility” was a decision by the publisher.

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If you were one of the fortunate few who still have P.T., it would seem. On your PS4, holding it there is your best bet. You’re hanging onto a piece of history at this stage, one Konami would rather you don’t have.

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