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Kyoto Animation Crime Suspect Charged with Assassination, Murder Attempt

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In an attack on Japan’s Kyoto Animation in 2019, which killed 36 people and left 33 injured with serious burns, a man was accused of murder, attempted murder and arson.

42-year-old Shinji Aoba has been charged with five offences, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Following the July 2019 arson attack by the Kyoto Animation, the suspect was apprehended, but authorities had to wait months before putting him under arrest to allow his burn injuries to heal.

Japan’s NHK network claimed that because of the amount of preparation that went into his deadly assault, Aoba was found to be psychologically fit to stand trial.

An individual reported hearing an explosion from the 1st Studio building of Kyoto Animation on the day of the attack, with the fire beginning at around 10:30 AM local time.

Police later identified the perpetrator with a knife-filled bag. The person was caught pouring what is suspected to be petrol around the studio and setting it on fire.

Earlier reports reported that after buying 10 gallons of petrol, Aoba staked out Kyoto Animation. Before moving the container through the studio’s main entrance and setting it ablaze, he allegedly spent the night in a nearby park.

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Kyoto Animation is known as Full Metal Panic! for certain anime series and original video animations! Lucky Star as well. Studio 1 of Kyoto Animation, located in the Fushimi ward of Kyoto, Japan, was later demolished following an arson attack at the beginning of 2020.

The company “often received notices such as death threats, starting a few years ago.” said Hideaki Hatta, President of Kyoto Animation. Following the attack, the hashtags #PrayForKyoAni and #PrayForKyotoAnimation started circulating on social media.

An internal investigation by Kyoto Animation revealed that during the studio’s several fan submission competitions, a “Shinji Aoba” submitted a draft, but it is uncertain if this is what prompted the attack of the perpetrator.

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