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Liverpool star James Milner accused his team-mate of being behind his parody account

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A former team-mate is accused by Liverpool star James Milner to be behind a parody account dedicated to him.

On social media, an alter-ego account devoted to the midfielder has become highly popular.

The ‘Boring James Milner’ Twitter has over 650,000 followers and only follows four individuals.

In addition to Milner himself and Adrian Durham presented by talkSPORT, Mamadou Sakho and Micah Richards are two footballers.

They both played with Milner, but the Yorkshireman has a clear idea of who’s behind the bill.

He had to inform the former Manchester City star, according to Richards, that it was not him.

“He said in his recent BBC Sport column: “Milly clearly has this tag of being boring or silent, but, trust me, he’s got plenty of banter.

“He’s super smart, he’s very sharp, and he rips into you in a very dry way that’s always going to crack me.”

It was difficult to make him happier, but I still tried my hardest.

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So when someone started the ‘Boring James Milner’ Twitter parody account when we were together at City, everyone figured I was behind it, Milner included.

Whoever it was, at that moment, they were just trailing me and a few others, so I was the prime suspect.

Whenever a new post came up, he would say, ‘Come on, buddy, you had fun with it, stop it now.’

I would have said, ‘I swear, Milly, it is not me,’ but he would not have believed me.

I ended up sending a message to the guy behind him, asking, ‘Who’s that? Because Milner thinks I am!’

He wasn’t going to share his name, but he sent me a photo of himself, and it was a random bloke. I was just telling him:’ Keep it up. It’s great – I love it! ’”

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