Logan Paul felt he was signing a fake contract with Floyd Mayweather when he decided to fight


When he was given the opportunity to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., Logan Paul was left in shock.

The phenomenon of YouTube has signed up to fight the 50-0 Mayweather, who many consider being the biggest pound for pound boxer in the last 30 years.

Paul, 25, after the pair drew as amateurs in August 2018, goes into the exhibition on the back of a controversial loss to KSI on his professional debut.

After beating Tenshin Nasukawa in one round in Japan in December of the same year, Mayweather will be taking part in his second such fight.

This week, Paul told Food Truck Diaries that he was left baffled after manager Jeffrey Levin put the contract in front of him.

He said: “None of this is understandable at all.” It doesn’t make any f******* sense.

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My boss came up to me months ago and said, ‘Logan, will you fight Floyd Mayweather?’

I’m going to say, ‘I mean I will, yes, but why are you asking me that question? Like going to do something else, there’s no point in this, how is that ever going to be a thing? ‘

“A month later, I think, he approached me with a contract. He said You’re going to fight Floyd Mayweather if you sign here.

“I said, ‘Yeah Jeff, I’m going to sign your fantasy deal. Like f*** you, why was this even going to happen? ‘

“I signed it and then we had three different dates, and how to announce it, and just like the plan behind it, after just months and months of going back and forth and working out dates.

“It finally came to fruition, and this event that supersedes everything I’ve ever done in my life, is finally solidified.”


The boxing legend is set to earn a much bigger chunk of the money than his current enemy, with the 43-year-old set to come upfront with £ 4 million.

Last month, Mayweather said These girls on YouTube are better off finding some Barbie dolls to play with because I’m not the one for kid games.”

“A UFC fighter said my name three years ago and I had to put a muzzle on that b****. Before I go to conquer Japan again, Logan Paul may get the same treatment.”

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