One Piece Luffy Red Hawk

One Piece: Luffy’s Latest Power Leaves Kaido & Big Mom Astonished

One Piece Luffy Red Hawk

When Luffy eventually reaches the Onigashima rooftop where Kaido is waiting for him in the long-anticipated Chapter #1,000 of One Piece, the rubber man does not pay any attention to the Yonko.

Instead, he immediately tends to the wounded Kin’emon and the other Scabbards, before they are teleported out of danger by Trafalgar.

Outraged by the lack of respect, Kaido gets ready with his club to crush Luffy, but the rubber man evades him; instead, with a brand new assault, known as Gum-Gum Red Roc, he returns fire.

Although this is the first time Luffy has been seen using this attack, Gum Gum Red Hawk has used a similar one in the past.

He’s able to toughen it like iron to touch and even damage Logia devil fruit users by wrapping his arm in Busoshoku Haki, whose bodies have taken on the properties of the different elementals.

However, his fist on fire will momentarily ignite the fast-acting hardening over his contorting rubber frame.

At Fishman Island, he first used Gum Gum Red Hawk against Hordy Jones.

Luffy first discovered this attack while battling Brynndi World in the TV special One Piece: 3D2Y. In a way, by recreating the signature attack that gave Ace the name “Fire Fist.” this attack is Luffy carrying on the legacy of his older brother Ace.

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Luffy Uses Red Hawk Cropped

Red Roc takes the Red Hawk attack actually effect one move further in One Piece Chapter #1,000.

Luffy can make his limbs achieve enormous proportions and strike even harder by using Gear Third to inflate his body like a balloon.

Back in Water 7, he studied this technique, and it has since become a valuable piece of his arsenal.

By using Gear Third to inflate his fist first and then release his Gum-Gum Red Hawk to harden and ignite while being scaled to gigantic proportions, Luffy invented this attack.

Because of its scale, it makes sense to call this new assault after The Roc, the massive legendary carnivore bird from Middle Eastern mythology. This isn’t his only attack named after a figure in mythology.

One Piece 1000 Luffy Pirate King 1

Called just after Norse God Thor, including his Gum-Gum Thor Elephant Gun, are a variety of his Third Gear attacks.

Several of his Gear Fourth strikes, such as his destructive King Kong Gun, are even named after King Kong.

This attack is obviously quite heavy. Luffy, after all, uses it to knock Kaido to his feet.

The last time Luffy fought Kaido, he used his Gear Fourth to challenge Yonko in Chapter #923, but none of his attacks seemed to slow down Kaido, let alone damage him.

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With his Thunder Bagua attack, all it took was a single strike from Kaido’s club to not only drive Luffy out of Gear Fourth, but to leave him totally unconscious as well.

Luffy has had haki practice with Hyogro at Udon Prison since that fight, and the fruits of his efforts can be seen with Gum Gum Red Roc.

There’s an anguished look of confusion on Kaido’s face in Chapter #1,000 as he processes how Luffy was able to hurt him. Big Mom, too, is in shock at this.

This is a positive indication of things that are about to come. The rematch of Luffy with the Strongest Creature is about to begin.

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