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Man, 22, arrested after his friend found the ‘Disgusting’ clip he recorded while having sex with a Horse

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A young man, after having sex with a horse and filming it, has confessed to a vile act of bestiality.

In August 2020, 22-year-old Isaac Cluley filmed himself committing an abominable crime and kept the video on his cell phone.

Cluley, from Leicester, was arrested shortly after a friend came across the upsetting film, borrowing his phone.

His friend was horrified and, before calling the police, threatened Isaac, leading to his arrest.

The defendant, from Milligan Lane, Aylestone, Leicester, appeared yesterday at the court of Leicester magistrates to admit a single charge under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act.

After a hearing, it was determined that his case would be escalated to the Court of the Leicester Crown, which has greater powers of punishment.

This is not the first time that Cluley has been convicted with this crime, as he was convicted of the same one in 2016 and sentenced to a community order at Leicester Crown Court.

In time for the sentencing hearing, which is expected to take place at the end of the month, a psychiatric report will be prepared.

Prosecutor Stacey Mills told the court that when he used Cluley’s phone to get help, the friend had found the film because the defendant was so drunk that he was worried about his health.

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“Ms Mills said: “He saw a clip on the screen. He said that when the phone was last used, that must have been left there.

The clip shows someone with a horse enjoying intercourse. It looked as though the person committing the crime was holding the phone as well.

“He thought the guy in the video would have been this defendant, so he opted to move the video to his phone. He says he did this since he thought this might be a police case.”

At this point, as a result of his alcohol intake, Cluley was so ill that he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, Ms. Mills said.

The young man confronted Cluley about the video later on.

“Originally the accused denied it was him in the video, but apparently he did admit it,” Ms. Mills said.

“He also said that he had done this before and disclosed that the horse was close where he lived, in Great Central Way.”

The friend contacted Leicestershire Police at this point to report Cluley.

“He was interviewed and ultimately admitted the offences.”

“On the way to the police station, he said ‘I want help with my mental health. It is why I have been drinking more recently’.”

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The offence is punishable by a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

Kate Nield, his legal advisor, said that a psychiatric examination will be scheduled in time for a hearing on Friday, January 29, at the Crown Court.

In the meantime, during the week, Cluley is subject to a 9pm to 7am curfew.

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