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Man gets engaged with his sex doll because ‘it doesn’t require stuff like real girlfriends do’

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A man proclaimed his dedication to his silicone sex doll, even with pricey gifts such as an iPhone 12.

Xie Tianrong, 36, says he became involved in a ceremony attended by friends and family earlier this month with his toy, called Mochi.

Despite being a sex doll, Xie insists that he never “violated” his “girlfriend” and doesn’t even kiss her because he’s afraid that his delicate skin might be harmed by the saliva.

In a series of videos posted online, their bizarre relationship has been captured.

In one clip, Xie, with her arm around him, can be seen playing a video game with Mochi.

In what can only be believed to be a “romantic” moment, another video shows the pair’s work admiring a mini Eiffel Tower.

Xie, who lives in Hong Kong with his parents, purchased Mochi after coming across a doll shop in the city for 10,000 Yuan (£1,100) back in 2019.

Before adding talcum powder, he bathes the doll with a damp cloth each night and sits it on a chair as he sleeps.

The doll fanatic said that real girlfriends always ask him something, but Mochi asks him for nothing, so “she’s easier to date.”

He said, “She was always staring at her phone when my previous girlfriend and I were together, but with Mochi it’s different.”

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“She’ll focus and give me all of her attention.”

Xie also splashes the cash on Mochi despite being an inanimate entity and, to date, she owns more than 20 pieces of costly clothing and 10 pairs of shoes.

“He went on: “If I could score Mochi out of 100, I’d give her 1000! Ever since she came home and spent more than a year living with me, it has never been stressful, it’s only happiness.

Xie’s affection for the silicone doll was so strong that he was even invited to the factory by Mochi’s maker, who gave him an extra silicone head as a present.

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