0 PAY Newsflash ManAssaultedHisBabyAndWife 01

Man pours boiling water over wife in a fit of rage, after she woke him up with breakfast in bed

0 PAY Newsflash ManAssaultedHisBabyAndWife 01

After she woke him up to bring him breakfast in bed as a surprise, a husband supposedly poured boiling water on his wife in a fit of rage.

Ali Ay, 28, was charged with throwing boiling water at Rukiye Ay, 23, for trying to lay down.

As a result, Rukiye sustained horrific back injuries and was rushed to the Turkish hospital on 9 January.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Rukiye said it was a surprise to bring her husband’s breakfast to bed, but he was furious that she had awakened him.

Rukiya says that she then left her husband alone and went with her daughter to eat breakfast, but Ali followed her and threatened to divorce her.

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He then allegedly spilled boiling water down the neck of Rukiya and went to throw it over her face, but she turned away.

The terrified mother said she was trying to run away, but said she could feel her “T-shirt sticking” sticking to her skin.

Ali is then accused of throwing at Rukiya the “rest of the boiling water” and she said some of it landed on the feet of her brother.

She said, “I prepared everything and then went to tell my husband that he was in bed for breakfast. He was angry and asked me to know why I woke him up and told me not to bother him, so I began to have breakfast with my daughter.”

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Still, in a bad mood, he came in and told me he was going to divorce me and get our daughter in custody no matter what I did.

“Then, down my neck, he poured boiling water. He was about to throw it in my face, but I turned away from him.

I ran away and was able to stick my T-shirt against my skin. Then he hurled the rest of the boiling water at me, and some of it fell on the feet of my brother, and the rest struck me on the hip.

Rukiye said she tried to “escape” but in the background, she passed out from the pain and could hear her daughter crying.

Ali then allegedly snatched the hair of his wife and dragged her to the toilet, where Rukiye found strength and took the chance to run to a neighbor who called the police.

He was arrested by police but later released on bail, causing public fury, which resulted in his re-arrest and detention of him.

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