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Man ‘sucker-punched and murdered neighbor, just to vent his anger’ after having quarrel with girlfriend

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According to the victim’s heartbroken husband, a murderer supposedly sucker-punched and murdered his neighbor because he couldn’t beat his own woman.

After assaulting mother-of-two Aline dos Santos Viana, 36, Washington Andrade de Jesus, 36, is said to have set his apartment on fire and killed himself.

Cops are looking into whether he sexually abused her before the murder on April 9 in their apartment building in the municipality of Sao Vicente, in the south-eastern coastal Brazilian municipality of Sao Vicente.

She was identified as being in the wrong place at the wrong time because she lived on the same floor as the security guard.

Even though they lived on the same floor, the victim’s husband, Charles da Silva Vicente, said he and his wife only knew Andrade de Jesus by sight.

According to G1, a local news outlet, he said: “On the same day, he had a fight with his wife… He was unable to beat his wife, who had left the home, so he turned his attention to my wife. I believe my wife went through what his wife did not.”

Aline was leaving for work when the attack happened, and the surveillance camera video reveals that she and the perpetrator were in the same lift without saying anything seconds before the attack.

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The suspected suspect can then be seen loitering in the apartment building’s basement, waiting for the victim to return to where he is standing.

He then appears behind her, and when she turns her head to face him, he delivers a powerful punch to her face, knocking her out, before dragging her away.

Later, Charles received messages from his wife’s boss, telling him that she had failed to turn up for work.

He went down to the garage and discovered his wife’s motorcycle, which still had the key in the ignition.

As Charles approached the building manager, the two discovered Aline’s body near the stairwell.

Smoke started to billow from the apartment shortly after the cops arrived, and a thud could be heard.

The suspect threw himself out of his seventh-floor window and died when he hit the ground.

The case has been classified as a homicide, and police are investigating whether or not the victim was sexually assaulted.

The suspect’s sister and girlfriend told investigators that he had a history of drug use, despite the fact that he had been clean for a year.

The cause of death and the crime’s motive are still unclear. The victim’s husband, on the other hand, revealed that the suspect’s girlfriend was not present at the time.

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