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Mark Zuckerberg ‘apologises’ for ‘Russians fixing election’ in chilling Deepfake video

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A new initiative that “apologizes” to public figures for their errors reveals the chilling impact of deepfakes.

Facebook manager Mark Zuckerberg once said that “it’s a pretty insane idea to think that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election.” Today, for many, that idea is out of the question.

Artist Stephanie Lepp used artificial intelligence for Zuckerberg’s digital “puppet” and made it “admit” that both politics and culture have been affected, saying: “People on our site have been more likely to hate others and hate themselves.”

“In the 2016 election, I was naive about Russian interference, and in 2020, I am still naive about domestic interference.”

As part of her latest Deep Reckonings initiative, Stephanie says she would “heart” to give a concession speech from outgoing US President Donald Trump.

“She told Daily Star Online that it would have” tremendous social value potential.

Stephanie says “I believe an exceptional Trump concession speech has the power to unify our country in a way few things might.”

“She continues that there is an explanation why she has not yet produced a” Deep Reckoning “for Trump:” I chose characters whose reckonings I thought were both probable and socially beneficial, “she says,” which is why I initially abstained from Trump because I don’t think he’s close to a reckoning.

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“But I have relationships on which I can rely,” she adds, “and will do so after the election.”

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However, Stephanie put words in the mouths of a variety of other high-profile American personalities, such as Alex Jones, the high priest of conspiracy theories.

In reality, Jones used his radio show InfoWars to spread offbeat theories about everything from the attacks of September 11 to the Moon Landings.

The fictional version of the big-talking Texan “admits” to getting too carried away with conspiracy theories in Stephanie’s “confession” and then controversially claims that the issue of child violence in America is not (as the real Jones insists) something Hillary Clinton can do.

“There’s a crisis of child sex exploitation on our side, folks! The fake “Alex Jones” says, “But it’s not Hillary Clinton and the Deep State — it’s the Catholic Church!” Stephanie makes her deep fake characters confess to being fakes on camera in any situation.

She’s not trying so much to trick someone as to illustrate how dangerously easy it is to put words in the mouth of someone else.

The real Mark Zuckerberg has steadfastly defended Facebook both to the press and to lawmakers since grilling. But in the glory days of social media, Stephanie’s fake “Zuckerberg” says he launched Facebook, claiming “it will give everybody a voice,” before moving on to “say” that it is becoming a home for hate groups and dodgy political ads.

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The false Zuckerberg is “confessing” that the Facebook dream has a dark side. It says: “We empowered small publishers who ended up featuring hateful propagandists such as Alex Jones.”

In Myanmar and Sri Lanka, our algorithms have stoked ethnic conflict.

“People on our media have been more likely to hate others and hate themselves. In the 2016 election, I was naive about Russian interference, and in 2020, I am still naive about domestic interference.”

Stephanie wants to inspire more individuals to use deep-fakes for good.

“At the moment, she claims that all the wrong people are interested with technology, adding:” The vast majority of online synthetic media are sinister in nature, mainly involuntary pornography with a dose of general misinformation and mean-spirited parody.

Her aim is to do something constructive and innovative, with what is one of the most dangerous pieces of modern technology emerging in our current era, after all.

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