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Meet ‘Sick Idiotic’ Twins who fell in love, and now has a baby together at 17

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A woman claims she fell madly in love with her twin brother, wed him, and had his baby at the age of 17.

The lady, who goes on TikTok and appears to be named Lexy by the username duhh.itzz.lexy, posted a video that she says tells the story of how she fell in love with her twin brother.

Her profile appears to show multiple videos of the man she believes to be her twin brother, even though at some stage he is not identified.

The pair can be seen kissing and cuddling several times in the short video and a young girl, presumably the daughter of the couple, is also seen.

But on the social media site, Lexy’s TikTok caused quite a stir and also contributed to them getting disgusting death threats.

The post describes how their loved ones allegedly shunned the couple, who seem to be from Kenya, after going public with their relationship.

They say no one showed up at their wedding, but they somehow tied the knot together anyway.

The TikTok adds that when she was 17, Lexy got pregnant and the pair are said to have a child together now.

Lexy wrote, posting a video on TikTok about their romance: “How my twin brother and I fell in love.”

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From the moment we were born, we had a bond, then we realized we were meant for each other.

We were disowned by our parents and relatives. They said it was a sin, and we were thrown out.

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We went outside and got trapped together.

“Our love has grown deeper. We have not given up on one another.

He proposed, and we were married, but no one came to our wedding, no matter what, we were married.

I was pregnant when I was 17 and we had a baby girl.

“Don’t Judge, please, that’s our story.

“I hope our love lasts forever.”

Fellow TikTok users responded to the video in disgust.

Undeterred by the attacks, and those who disapprove of the alleged relationship, Lexy reacted to the vile comment by saying: “As I said, guys, I’ll tell the whole story on my YouTube account no amount of hate will change my mind.”

Lexy vowed to give her followers on her YouTube page the complete story of the couple’s relationship, but at the time of writing, there was no video posted by the account, called Life with The Chiweru’s.

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