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Men required to do push-ups in Indonesia for not wearing face masks as punishment

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A human rights group has alleged that Indonesians who do not comply with coronavirus regulations are being handed out “degrading” penalties.

Punishments such as push-ups, pulling weeds, sweeping river banks, digging graves and lying in an open coffin are typically issued to people found without face masks.

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, the nation has the highest Covid-19 death toll in Southeast Asia, with more than 10,300 deaths and 271,000 confirmed cases as of Saturday.

Rivanlee Anandar, a staff member of the rights group Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Crime, told VOA Indonesia that the punishments are being supervised by police officers and members of the military.

He said: “National security should be the priority of the military. There are no metrics or tools to assess the efficacy of military participation in the handling of the pandemic.”

Their function in choosing individuals who have tested positive [for] Covid-19 is too big. They even take people’s temperature in different malls.

After being pulled over for not wearing a mask in her car, Evani Jesselyn, who owns a coffee shop in Jakarta, was ordered to clean public sewers or pay a fine.

She said, ‘I was alone, wearing my mask in the car. All of a sudden, however, I thought it was a little difficult to breathe, so I pulled my mask out a little to breathe some fresh air.

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Evani was sent directly to a hearing after being pulled over, where she spent an hour in a packed hall waiting to see the judge.

“I was afraid to leap into the crowd, and also very angry because I was alone and safe inside the car and they wanted me to go to the crowd without any social distance,” she said.

Eventually, she was handed a fine.

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