Microsoft Edge now has discount and promotion codes for online shopping built in

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Today, Microsoft is introducing a new coupon feature to its Edge browser. Within Edge, coupons and promo codes can serve as a warning when you buy online, and when you’re about to check out they can be immediately added to a basket.

The coupon functionality also involves price reviews, so Edge can surface with multiple distributors who might sell products at cheaper prices while you’re shopping online.

Microsoft introduced price comparisons as part of its Collections feature in Edge just weeks ago, but this new coupon experience goes even further.

It’s part of Microsoft’s huge drive to put Edge as the online shopping browser, but the similarities and discounts just work right now for US browser users.

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Edge also gets some more productivity enhancements that are especially helpful for students if you are not interested in online shopping. Microsoft is adding a highly requested feature to its ability to annotate and add text notes to PDFs.

And according to Microsoft, one of the top asked features is making a comeback to the Edge: inking. You’ll now be able to ink and annotate screenshots digitally as part of the new screenshot method.

In a snapshot later this month, Microsoft is also introducing the ability to grab a whole website. Without the ability to record a whole webpage or scroll as you grab the screen, most current screenshot apps merely screenshot what you see.

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The new Edge screenshot app from Microsoft will scroll down a webpage automatically so that you can catch everything in a single snapshot.

Finally, Worrd and Outlook will soon deal even more elegantly with copied URLs from Edge as well. When you copy links from the Edge address bar and paste them into Word or Outlook, Microsoft shortens long links into nice URLs.

That’s handy if you don’t want to use bit.ly or another connection shortening program, and in the Word or Outlook background menus, you can even turn back to a longer URL.

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