Microsoft Ends Support for Internet Explorer 11


According to PCMAG, You’re about to lose access to a crucial Microsoft service if you’re one of the steadily dwindling numbers of internet users who still rely on Internet Explorer 11 to browse the internet.

The aging browser is no longer supported by Microsoft Teams today.

Back in August, the announcement that IE11 support would end was made, at which point Microsoft advised users to move to the Edge browser, accessible on any Windows 10 device, whether or not you want it.

Tomorrow, however, Microsoft teams won’t necessarily stop working. Microsoft defines IE11 customers with “degraded experience” or will be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services.

For Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams customers, there is currently two further ends of support dates coming up in 2021.

The first is March 9, which is when the legacy of Microsoft Edge comes to an end. Legacy refers to the Edge edition that Microsoft retained until it became a web browser based on Chromium.

It’s not going to be as frustrating switching from legacy Edge to modern Edge as switching from IE11 to Edge, but it’s probably something users can comfortably do now to get it out of the way.

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Aug. 17, 2021, which is when all 365 applications cease operating with IE11, is the second date to bear in mind.

Again, this may end up being a deteriorated circumstance of experience, so it’s certainly time to start switching to Edge or some other new browser for that matter if you focus on Microsoft 365 for work.

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