Mike Tyson reveals how he used a fake penis during his heavyweight boxing career to pass a drug test.


American boxing great Mike Tyson has disclosed how he used a fake penis during his heavyweight boxing career to avoid failing drug tests.

Note, in his 2013 novel, Undisputed Reality, the 54-year-old previously admitted to taking illegal drugs during his career.

Tyson used a ‘whizzinator’ to deliver his samples in order to prevent a positive outcome, with boxers having to undergo daily anti-doping tests.

A whizzinator is a strap-on prothetic penis that helps individuals to store clean urine so that drug samples can be passed.

Tyson admitted he used to fill the bag with the urine of his partner, speaking about his own use of the contraption, but was terrified the test might produce a pregnancy result and eventually began using his daughter’s.


At the height of his career, Tyson was married to Monica Turner between 1997 and 2003. They have two children: Amir ‘s son and Rayna ‘s daughter.

Asked about the use of a whizzinator, Tyson told the podcast on Hotboxin, ‘It was great, man.

‘I put urine from my baby in it. “And sometimes I used my wife one time, and my wife used to be like,” Baby, you better not hope it’s pregnant or something.

‘And I said,’ Nah, we’re no longer going to use you, we’re going to use the boy. Cuz I was frightened that the p * * * would return pregnant.

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‘I was afraid of that! I suppose I read about this because I was scared of it.’

Tyson, whose boxing career record includes 50 victories (including 44 KOs), six losses, and two no-contests, is planning to return to the ring in an exhibition match to take on Roy Jones Jr.

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