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Model arrested at Egyptian pyramids for wearing an ‘inappropriate’ outfit

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Along with her photographer, an Egyptian model was arrested for taking a “offensive” photoshoot in front of a 4,700-year-old pyramid.

When she toured the Pyramid of Djoser just outside Cairo on Monday 30 November, TikTok influencer Salma al-Shimi dressed up in a provocative ancient Egyptian outfit.

The 26-year-old fashion model posing in a white pharaonic-style dress barely containing her breasts is seen in the footage posted on her account.

When walking around the ancient Egypt burial site, she flings the crook and flails props around.

According to the local media site Al Ahram, both Salma and her photographer Hossam Mohammad were detained by the tourism police as officials found the photoshoot “offensive” to the heritage of the region.

Hossam reported that as demanded by workers, Salma had entered the site wearing a robe and changed later when they arrived at the shooting venue.

They were both freed on Tuesday but will face charges for taking pictures at an archaeological site without permission.

“Anyone who shows negligence when it comes to antiquities or our unique Egyptian civilization will be punished.”Anyone who shows negligence will be punished when it comes to antiquities or our unique Egyptian civilization.

The outfit was found “inappropriate” by officials at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, according to CBS News.

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The pyramid sits on the archaeological site of Saqqara, which is protected by UNESCO, where stringent rules apply, including prohibiting photography that is considered to be obscene or disrespectful.

To thank her friends and fans for sending her supportive messages, Salma posted an update on Facebook today (December 4).

She wrote, “Thanks to all the people who were standing beside me, I would like to thank all the people, whether they were standing beside me or attacking me, but in the end, I’m a human being, maybe what I do is right, and maybe I can see it wrong.”

But in the end, I respect all people and all views, and I very much respect my family, and I don’t want anyone to be angry with me.

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