0 DIET FITNESS Fitness model claims daily sex sessions helps her lose weight

Model devotes 3-4 hours to sex as she credits daily romps for her toned body

0 DIET FITNESS Fitness model claims daily sex sessions helps her lose weight

An Instagram model has lifted the lid on her fitness tips.

Grasi Mattos has a strict physical exercise routine and always maintains a balanced diet.

But the 24-year-old bombshell credits most of her incredible progress to her daily sex sessions.

The fitness fan, who lives in Lisbon, Portugal, says that she dedicates a lot of hours in the day to the activity.

She revealed that the only breaks she has are on Sundays, which are her rest days.

In total, the stunning model aims to lose a whopping 8,000 calories and in some cases she exercises for four or five hours straight.


She said: “It doesn’t have to be four or five hours straight, straight, you know?

“Sometimes I do, but (usually) I stop, rest, drink water.

“I do it when I wake up, sometimes in the afternoon. I divide the practice in my time.”

Grasi dedicates three to four hours a day to romps.

0 DIET FITNESS Fitness model claims daily sex sessions helps her lose weight 1

And now she’s adopted the sex diet instead of using anabolic steroids.

The influencer treats sexual activity as a regulated exercise, which occurs despite pleasure.

She also explained that she developed the diet with an expert, who helped her to regulate sexual exercises, food and workouts.

The model boasts a whopping 89,500 followers on Instagram where she teases fans with jaw-dropping snaps of her physique.

In one of her latest uploads, Grasi gave followers a preview of her hard-rock abs and toned booty.

Fans gushed at the video.

One wrote: “Beautiful thing.”

Another commented: “You are wonderful.”

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