2 Close Up Of Cigno

Model quits her 9-5 corporate job and becomes a tattooed ‘alien’ instead

2 Close Up Of Cigno

A woman felt like when she served in a corporate 9-5 position, she merged into the background.

As she worked away in an office in Germany, Lina, aka Cigno, did not get to enjoy her uniqueness.

Thus, she jetted off to San Francisco to live life as a tattoo model in order to pursue her dreams.

Since then, she has painted her body in ink and even had a few body modifications.

The alternative star, who describes herself as an “androgynous alien,” said to Truly: “In the Bay Area, I am a tattoo model and artist.”

“I probably have 60% of my body covered and I want to cover myself from head to toe.”

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It was a rather androgynous, alien, cyborg, a fictional look that’s now in the making,” she continued.”

I have attached my subdermal horns as well as an implant in my chest to my set.

“These are implants of silicone which can be implanted under the skin or some part of the body. This method is very painful.

“I’ve done a boob job and a nose job.

“My favorite tattoo is probably the chin tattoo. I have my lip blacked out and my breasts and my ass tattooed full.

For a more exciting lifestyle, Lina is happy she was able to leave the corporate world.

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She also booked photoshoots and learned to be a tattoo artist so that she could ink others.

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As the Instagrammer is much happier in her presence today, that’s not all either.

“She said: “When I was younger, I used to be very dissatisfied with myself and the way I looked.

“In order to feel better about me, I didn’t like how I looked in the mirror and needed to change.”

While Lina has bags of trust and a legion of 91,500 social media followers, some are not interested in her appearance.

She admitted: “My parents were not major fans of getting tattoos for their daughter. Yet I know that I’m really myself. Just a better version of that…”

“There will still be haters who say that I have disfigured myself or that I have mental disorders.”


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