Mom slammed for wasting £20,000 on a three-year-old designer wardrobe


A mother has applauded haters who say she’s wasting too much money on her three-year-old.

Today, the toddler has a wardrobe packed with luxury gear worth £ 20,000.

When she was a baby, Hena Paja, 33, began dressing her little girl in expensive, designer clothes.

Now, Sorenna, 3, has Gucci, Moschino, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and more in her wardrobe of over 400 outfits.

Hena hopes her little one will become an actress in Hollywood, but claims that she was told by strangers to let Sorenna be a kid.”


I have a lot of backlash from people particularly on TikTok, where strangers tell me to just let her be a kid” and to “stop dressing her up in designer clothes,” said the full-time mom, from Romford, East London.

I’m just asking them [the strangers], ‘If we go to the park, why don’t we look lovely?’ The presence of someone says a lot about them as a person.


I love to pick out her clothes and make perfect outfits for her to wear; if she doesn’t want to, I never force her to take photos, but she loves posing.

“No one can love or teach my daughter better than me”

To flaunt her designer clothes and modeling, Little Sorenna now has her own Instagram profile, set up by her mum.

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The page has a whopping 51,000 followers and is run by Hena “mumager.”

She claims that a mini-influencer is her little child.

Hena added: “Since Sorenna turned six months old, I haven’t had to buy her any clothes because she gets sent them all for free by brands all over the world,” Hena added.

I’ve always had a passion for photography; from when she was a kid, I photographed every moment and discovered that people liked her on social media, so I started her own account.

“We have received multiple requests for collaborations from brands; she gets endless compliments and loves posing for the camera.”


The mom and daughter duo live with Sorenna’s 35-year-old dad, Mensor Dreni, who runs a construction business.

The reason she has so many followers is because of the way I dress her and her incredible natural poses,” Hena continued.”

A lot of people want to know where their clothes come from, which is why we have so many great brands to work with.

She loves music, dancing, swimming and I hope she’ll be an actress in a popular movie in the future!

“That is my dream.”

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