Mum branded ‘Hero’ after she hunts down 10 suspects, one by one involved in the murder of her daughter


A mum set up fake IDs and used disguises one by one to stalk the killers of her daughter and chase them down.

Miriam Rodriguez has tirelessly hunted down those responsible for the kidnapping and murder of her 20-year-old daughter Karen in a tale reminiscent of the hit Hollywood film Taken.

The brave vigilante was instrumental in taking down 10 criminals, one of the most violent in the world, from the infamous Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas.

Miriam arrested almost every living member of the crew who had kidnapped her daughter for ransom in the three years since Karen’s death in an area where even the official authorities are too terrified to offer justice to individuals from the cartel.

The New York Times notes that it ultimately cost Miriam her life when she was killed in San Fernando, Mexico, after gunmen broke into her house.

She shaves her head, dyed it, and disguised herself before playing various roles, including a health care worker and election official to get their names and addresses, to support her crusade to bring the killers of her daughter to justice.

Miriam invented excuses to visit their families to tease and build her investigation with information from them.

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She arrested one of those involved in the crime who was out on the street selling flowers.

“The florist” was flogging roses and Miriam managed to track him down to make ends meet. He noticed her and fled, but at that moment, Miriam, 56, was able to tackle him to the floor and grab his throat with a rifle, threatening to kill him if he moved.

In her hometown, Miriam became a hero for taking on the cartel, and in the central square, she has a bronze plaque honoring her.

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