Mum of ‘most gorgeous twins in the world’ faces backlash for posing with them


In a recent nightwear commercial, the mother of two girls called the most beautiful twins in the world” posed with her daughters.

This led to some critics accusing her of seeking to make cash out of the good looks of her girls.

Jaqi Clements, who lives in LA and Orange County, shared a picture with her 1.8 million Instagram followers this weekend of her daughters in matching dressing gowns.

In the snap, on either side of their mum, Ava and Leah, both 9, wear monogrammed robes.

The photo was captioned by Jaqi: “Loving our new customized, super soft and comfortable matching robes by @leolive.”

“They are the perfect gift for Christmas to give & receive! ”


In the post, the mother included a discount code for the item.

In the past, Jaqi has been slammed, troubling parents who say she uses her girls to make money.

At six months old, the twins were first signed with a modeling agency.

However before they made it big on Instagram, they were not approached by brands.

LA Models, Elis Talent Agency, and God & Beauty have also signed Ava and Leah.

On Instagram, they go through @clementedtwins and posed for mags such as La Petite Magazine, Petite Adele Clothes, VÉG-A-PORTÉR, and Airfish.

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Jaqi told BuzzFeed: “It was really fun and exciting for Ava and Leah this past year.”

“Whether it be private shopping experiences, gifted merchandise from brands all over the world, or taking pictures with fans, the girls have had an amazing ride so far.”


The mother believes that her girls enjoy modeling and finds it frustrating when people believe that she is “taking away her childhood” or making tons of money off them.

“Jaqi explained in 2017: “I proposed my idea to the girls that if they were up for it they should give modeling a try in addition to their dance lessons and swim team practices they had every week.

“When they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to start, I wasn’t surprised at all.

“[A] All the expenses associated with it are not so amazing thing about this new life!”


She added: “A lot of people assume parents make money just because they see a lot of work for their children. FALSE!”

In our situation, I know, and possibly in most situations, parents are putting out more cash to support their children.

But I think if you really put it all into perspective, the money we put out now as parents to help our kids do what they love to do would encourage them to make their own money they can use in the future for college or a car or a home.

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So if you think about it, after all it’s not so bad actually! “

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