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utilated body of a woman discovered on the beach days after disappearing from a party with her EX

0 Newsflash DismemberBikini 07

Trying to search for the missing ex-girlfriend of a famous Brazilian drug lord, the police have made a grisly find on a beach near where she was staying.

In the North Zone of the south-eastern Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, Bianca Lourenco vanished from the Kelson favela.

According to DailyStar, Her reported disappearance came shortly after she terminated her relationship with Dalton Vieira Santana, who was identified as a leading drug trafficker in the area in local media reports.

On Saturday, January 3, Bianca was last seen at a barbecue party in a favela. She was seen by several witnesses leaving the party with Santana.

He had also been abusive towards her, according to the young woman’s relatives.

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The Civil Police of the area have now found body parts apparently belonging to the 24-year-old on a beach on Ilha do Fundão, a short distance from the favela of Kelson.

On display in a series of bikini images she posted to her Twitter account shortly before her disappearance, the distinctive tattoos of Bianca seem to match those found on the mutilated remains that overnight washed up on the beach.

Santana has been blamed by her family for her death. Bianca’s father said that after she became involved with Santana and managed to speak to her about breaking up her relationship with him, he had been very worried about her safety.

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But Santana, he told the local Globo news site, had refused to agree that it was over between them. Mr. Lourenco went to the favela to search for Santana, where, he says, he confessed to the murder of Santana.

“He told everyone that he had killed her. He wasn’t talking to me, but he was speaking to others.”

“I asked him to help me if he could… if it had happened, if he could give back the body of my daughter, that he could hand it over to me in any way he could, that he could at least take away the pain of my father, that I could at least bury my daughter.”

Bianca’s aunt said she also went to look for her niece and met Santa who allegedly said he had killed her.

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