0 Naked Yoga Lesson Nude Yoga for Better Posture

Naked videos of yoga cheekily skirting Guidelines of YouTube by being ‘educational’

0 Naked Yoga Lesson Nude Yoga for Better Posture

A cheeky new nude yoga trend is skirting the nudity rules of YouTube with producers labeling the “educational” posts.

At least 20 videos of women performing nude yoga have been discovered on YouTube in the last two months.

The explicit material is posted to accounts such as Naked Yoga School and Naked Yoga Club with channel names.

On the internet and on Twitter, Naked Yoga has caused quite a buzz, with one person commenting: “Someone told me to search naked yoga on YouTube and I can’t stop laughing.”

Several others asked how nudity got through the very strict policies of YouTube’s nudity and sexual content, Insider says.

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The guidelines of YouTube states: “Posting pornography may lead to the removal of content or termination of the channel, YouTube does not allow explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying.”

Videos containing fetish material will be deleted or limited by age. On YouTube, aggressive, graphic or degrading fetishes are not permitted in most cases.

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The videos, with basic titles related to yoga practice, are posted to the website, but also have clear thumbnails.

Several thumbnails reveal close-up images of genitals, or snapshots of real porn movies unrelated to naked yoga, in certain instances.

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One of the videos on the website has a whopping 13million views, according to Insider.

Some of the outlets tend to be false, the publication reports, with other videos suggesting the practice is secondary to nudity.

For instance, Insider said one video had an adult site watermark and shows a young woman who bends over and takes off all her clothes slowly.

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