Nancy Pelosi calls for Donald Trump’s impeachement from office


House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment to oust President Donald Trump from office following his supporters’ takeover of Capitol Hill during Wednesday’s certification of the victory of President-elect Joe Biden in the 2020 elections.

Pelosi was speaking at a press conference on Thursday evening, January 7;

This dangerous man will carry out more attacks on our democracy in the next 13 days.

As long as Donald Trump stays in office, we are in a very dangerous place,” the 80-year-old added, noting that Trump must be held accountable on Wednesday for the Capitol riot in Washington.

An unspeakable attack on our country and our people has been perpetrated by the President. I join the Democratic leader of the Senate and call on the Vice-President to expel this President by invoking the 25th Amendment.

If the Vice-President and the cabinet do not act, Congress will be forced to step ahead with impeachment.

Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer also appealed to the Cabinet to fire him on Thursday.

Schumer said in a statement that the attack on the Capitol “was an insurrection against the United States, instigated by the president.” He said Trump “must not hold office one day longer.”

Schumer said the 25th Amendment should be invoked by Pence and the Cabinet and immediately remove Trump from office. Otherwise, it’s up to Congress, he said.

Congress should reconvene to impeach the president if the vice-president and the Cabinet fail to stand up,”If the vice-president and the Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president,”

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