Naruto Bayron Mode

Naruto’s Baryon Mode Explained

Naruto Bayron Mode

WARNING: This contains Spoilers from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter #52,’ Baryon Mode.’

Chapter #52 of Boruto: Next Generations reveals a new form from Naruto’s Abilities: Baryon Mode.

The suicidal effort of Naruto and Kurama to beat Isshiki has driven them to the point of no return.

When he understands what is really going on and the risk it has on his life, Naruto’s form has Sasuke packed with astonishment.

Naruto and Kurama may have gotten the upper hand against Isshiki, but with the imminent death of Naruto or Kurama, their war will end.

The flaw of the new form is found by Isshiki, but the secret ability of Baryon Mode stuns him.

Isshiki uses Naruto’s link to Kawaki with all the commotion in order to concoct his own ace up his sleeve.

Compared to nuclear fusion, Baryon Mode now absorbs the chakra of Naruto and Kurama to produce a new form of power, as opposed to extracting it from the environment around them.

This immensely increases their abilities, depletes their longevity, and when one or both of them die, the form will cease.

Kurama encourages Naruto to stop any needless combat techniques and not waste any time.

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And for Naruto, Baryon Mode is an intense act of despair, but their joint efforts are capable of stopping Isshiki in his tracks.

Baryon Mode is a double-edged sword, and there’s no plan for Naruto to contend with its catastrophic shortcomings.

Isshiki is caught off-guard by Baryon Mode, but its detrimental effects are soon uncovered.

Isshiki launches his counterattack against Naruto without delay as he struggles from fatigue, but Kurama has another trick up his sleeve.


Baryon Mode is capable of affecting the chakra of those with which it falls in touch, so Isshiki even starts to sacrifice his own life span.

The scarce 20-hour life cycle of Isshiki shortens to 30 minutes and begins to decline as the fight continues.

At this point, his fate seems to be determined and Naruto is only trying to outlive him.

Unfortunately for Naruto, by getting a steady flow of Naruto’s chakra, Isshiki is able to track Kawaki through the prosthetic arm provided to him that works.

The tide of the war turns absolutely, and the attitude of Naruto goes from optimism to absolute desperation.

Isshiki wants Kawaki so he can move to a new submarine, and Isshiki can achieve in his ultimate mission with no one actually trying to stop him.

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Sasuke can only watch from the sidelines to shield the knocked out Boruto from the collateral damage of the fight.

As Sasuke discovers the fate of Naruto, his participation in the war continues to diminish. Sasuke must know at this point that if Naruto fails, there is no hope of beating Isshiki, and if they need to survive, he is the only one capable of saving Boruto.

For the Hidden Leaf shinobi, the future looks grim, but the chapter doesn’t stop without leaving the reader on a tantalizing cliffhanger.

On Boruto, the panels close in and his right eye opens, exposing his Jougan.

That can only mean that Boruto’s body is taken over by Momoshiki, but it does not actually mean that the day is saved.

Momoshiki realizes that Isshiki is now vulnerable and could likely take advantage of the moment to use Isshiki to gain new strength as a sacrifice for the Ten-Tails.

There are several potential consequences, but the war is clearly not over.

Naruto is dying painfully, Momoshiki controls Boruto, Sasuke is in no shape to continue fighting, and Kawaki is the ticket to liberation for Isshiki.

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