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New York Woman Sets World Record With An Afro Hair Measuring About 5 Feet

largest afro 750x423 1

One of the world’s most common hairstyles is the afro. The poofy ball of hair is a sign of both the Black legacy and the 1970s funky disco decade.

From Frederick Douglass and Jimi Hendrix to Diana Ross and members of the Jackson 5, the hairstyle adorned the noggins of many prominent individuals.

Some of these celebrity heads are popular for the size of the Afro that crowns them or crowns them. But now, one Brooklyn woman has blown all of them out of the water.

Simone Williams is her name. As of December 2, as confirmed by the Guinness World Records, she officially sports the biggest female afro in the world.

What an afro it is too! Williams’ afro measures a decent 8.07 inches in height and 8.85 inches in width, according to the record.

Her hair drops just shy of 5 feet in circumference, at 4’10 ” As seen on her Instagram video, it’s definitely an amazing sight of Williams walking down the street.

Williams is also taking her beautiful afro seriously.

Black women have been wearing their hair for many years as it grows from the scalp as a sign of independence and liberation,” she said in the video.”

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Williams added, “I too feel that freedom, liberation, and trust when I walk out of the house with my natural ‘fro’.”

And she is hard to miss as she walks out. Williams told Guinness World Records she also gets feedback on the “size of her voluminous afro” from strangers.

We guess that’s one of the more harmless kinds you can get as far as being bothered by strangers on the street goes.

“I get a lot of stares, a lot of comments, lots of compliments when my hair is fully styled and large and voluminous,” Williams said.

“I want to think it’s all positive, but some people are watching as if they have no idea what’s going on or what they’re looking at.”

But Simone does not let her be thwarted by the occasionally bewildered gawker. Rocking her natural “fro” is a way to show pride in who she is as a black woman, she said to her.

Williams explained, “Styling my hair like that is a silent reflection of who I am as a black woman.”

They’re complex, they’re bigger than life, and they’re fun! My hair would be my greatest decoration if I have a simple dress.

Williams doesn’t hesitate to respond when asked what inspired her to grow her hair into the beautiful puff that it is. The previous record-holder, Aevin Dugas, is her only hairstyle hero.

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Dugas held the record for the world’s largest female afro for eight years before Williams dethroned her idol. And in the afro game, she was no lightweight-hair Dugas’s had a diameter of four feet and four inches.

Clearly, when she embarked on her Afro journey nine years ago, Williams had her aims set high.

[Dugas] encouraged me to make the attempt. I googled ‘World’s Biggest Afro’ and I was in shock when she came up,’ said Williams.

I didn’t think my hair was anywhere close to hers at the time, she was a target! But I was so pleased to see that she was remembered and there was an opportunity to remember others as well.

Williams said that in middle school, she started to straighten her hair and wore it straight through to college. At the age of 23, when she chose to go for it naturally, she was initially inspired by practical reasons.

She said It started because I wanted to save the money I spent at the hair salon to help with the cost of moving to my first apartment.”

At first, after keeping her hair straight for years, she was at a loss as to how to do it. But the problems vanished after months of practice and Williams enjoys her new look now.

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She says that for low-hanging tree branches, however, she had to give up wearing hats and has to keep an eye out.

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