NHS ad showing Santa sick in hospital with coronavirus slammed for ‘scaring children’


Some viewers have slammed an NHS advert that depicts Santa Claus suffering from coronavirus in a hospital bed as “awful”.

In the video, before seemingly falling unconscious and waking up in a hospital, Father Christmas is being rushed into an ambulance by medics.

He is seen in a hospital gown with an oxygen mask over his face and an IV needle in his arm, while his reindeer is labeled with a card on the windowsill as “Rudy”

His identity is revealed when Santa recovers and is discharged when he leaves a special present under the tree for the nurse who treated him.

According to NHS Charities Together the commercial received a ‘overwhelmingly positive reaction from viewers.

Bosses also insist that it is not made for kids and has not been seen on television.

But on social media, several people have since expressed fury and called for it to be banned, on the grounds that younger audiences might be distressed.

In a statement, NHS Charities Together said children were not the “intended audience” and apologized if the video had offended younger viewers.

The statement read:’ We had an overwhelmingly positive response to it when we released the ad earlier in the week.

Criticism of the ad on social media has been generated by some subsequent media coverage of it and some individuals have expressed their concern about it disturbing children.

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The commercial was created to engage supporters of charities and anyone who would choose to purchase items that raise donations for the appeal.

It is not meant for children and has not been seen on television.

“No funds were placed into the development of the ad by the charity.

We worked closely with the team behind the ad to ensure that it was created safely and that the appropriate regulatory authority was cleared for use.

“However we are apologize to the families of any young children who’ve been upset by watching the ad and to the young children themselves, they are not really the intended audience for it.”

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