Nigeria is one of the 12 most unsafe nations for children to live in – According to Save The Children International


A recent study by Save the Children International has said that Nigeria is among the 12 most dangerous nations for children in war.

Other countries included in the survey includes: Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, DRC, Mali, CAR, Iraq, Sudan and South Sudan.

The study published on Friday found that in the last 10 years, a total of 93,236 children have been killed or mutilated in wars, with over three million children living in a region where war has been continuing for 18 years or more.

It emerged that more than 4,400 times, six times as much as in 2018, humanitarian organizations were refused entry to children.

Save the Children said 25 children, the equivalent of a classroom full of students, were killed or wounded on average every day in the Killed and Maimed: A Century of Abuses Against Children In Conflict survey.

In 2018, the number of children employed by the armed forces grew by 639 to 7,845 in 2019. In the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, over 3,100 kids were found to have been recruited.

There have been numerous casualties of air raids, shelling, landmines and other explosive devices used in urban areas, where households have been torn apart and tens of thousands of children have been left dead or scarred for life.

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“Last year alone, explosive weapons caused more than a third of the verified child casualties, with the number dramatically higher in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria,” said Inger Ashing, Save the Children International’s CEO, in the report.

According to the report, 426 million children lived in a conflict-affected environment in 2019, a small rise relative to the previous year.

It reported that approximately 160 million children lived in a conflict zone of high severity, also an improvement compared to 2018.

Ashing said the effect of explosive devices on children is complicated, separating families from their dreams and the opportunity to receive essential resources, and also fundamentally shifting the course of the life of a child.

In a series entitled Stop the War on Girls, the study released on World Children’s Day is the fourth.

It sheds a spotlight on six serious crimes committed against children in war zones, Ashing noted.

“More than 200,000 such breaches have been confirmed over the past decade. In 2019, which saw 26,233 grave offenses committed, the record was unfortunately shattered. The real figure is estimated to be much higher as certain offenses are grossly underreported, notably sexual assault.

There are many tales of child victims of war behind the stark figures. All are victims of persons that blatantly violate foreign rules and principles, and regimes who turn a blind eye.

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Nevertheless, a number of nations have taken a deliberate effort to continue exporting weapons to warring sides, including where it was apparent that they were being used against children. This will not happen.

“Save the Children International urges states to endorse a declaration to prevent the use of explosive weapons in populated areas,” she said.

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